some of these pics are of the 27th st project i'm working on. it's adjacent to the highline and will be on display at the arch league (courtesy of Corey Hoelker of FLAnk.) FLAnk's future office will be here as well, and that's our rooftop terrace. The high line is going to be nice! i can't wait to see it happen. doZer and I will have another place to walk soon!

on the flipside, not much is new here. just doing construction administrative work for IDP and a lot of drafting. IDP, for those of you that do not know is an Internship Development Program instituted to junior architects that must be fulfilled prior the architecture licensure process. I've been doing some design on the side of all of this, but mostly it's all boring work. i think, most of it is tremendously boring and tedious. especially the construction admin work. shuffling paper's not my deal. making it is.

it's been called to my attention of a residency at a paper mill/studio/gallery near my 'hood.

the anticipation and anxiety for this is building up. it's almost time to get back to my labor of love, if all will fall in place in the next few months.