son of a b!tch!! gimme some publicity already. . . i'll never forget the last words of my time at cranbrook. "im afraid your work isn't public enough." give me a break. screw the public, it's making me more selfish. so, this is strike two. . .

i was thinking of proposing something for a project at emanate.org, but pro-bono work just wouldn't cut it for my situation right now. galleries in chelsea are cheezy to me, so i guess it's time to venture into something new.

"Dear Architecture and the Mail participant:

Several months ago we wrote to you to inform you that your project
was selected for inclusion in the Architectural League's project,
Architecture and the Mail.

I am writing now, with great regret, to tell you that we have had to
cancel the project. After much effort over the past several months
to work with the submissions we received, we determined that we did
not have a critical mass of material that would allow us to realize
the project in a way that would honor its original intention. This
has been extremely disappointing for us, as we're sure it is for you.

Thank you for your interest in and support of this project and we
appreciate your patience over the past several months.


Rosalie Genevro
Executive Director, The Architectural League

Hunter Tura and Jeannie Kim,
Project Organizers"


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