250 Bowery

. . . so here's what i'm currently investing most of my time on these days. CD's for a hotel on "the bowery." the renderings are by corey hoelker of FLAnk Architects. the facade is by Front Inc. it has a metal corten perforated screen and will rust over time. there will be an extensive green roof, and a vertical screen for ivy to grow vertically to provide shade on the west facade of the building. It is currently proposing a geothermal system (largest in nyc) and seeking LEED gold. CD's are scheduled to be finished mid-october. there's a lot of recycled material that will be used within the high end residential building. old timber from the previous buildings will be used in the lobby, stairways, bar, and club. there will be an art gallery on the bowery as well. it'll be the new hotness on the bowery amongst all the she she lounges in the lower east side.

...don't ask how i get from one place to another. sometimes i wonder for myself. going from the suburbs to a city, from building a strawbale house to a high end hotel. from going to school to downright practice and profession. i'm waiting for what's next and i'm somewhat anxious to find out.


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