time to move on -> i can't sleep, i'm having anxiety for graduatation - so i guess i'll write it off.

this past two years has been everything but trivial. it's been a trial of balancing philosophies to carry thru a train of thought to practice. it's been time wasted and time gained. exposure to new things and things i just hate. hardly establishing a solid ground for my first year, i was forced to engage a topic based on relative experience and emotional fuel based on personal yet relational to context and the city. a politic was developed based on pollution. an importance of accountability has been learned as a young architect. to establish a solid ground, i figure i ought to know where i'm stepping as well. . .

it was difficult for me to blend peripheral agendas outside Architecture, transmitted to me thru the academy as well as discourse within our studio. bringing forth of learnt and developing agendas was a huge challenge to surface with Architecture. manifested in this thought practice, believe it or not, addresses many - "ism's and -ist's."

i came to cranbrook expecting to develop my train of thought. practicing a train of thought, i felt, came from thinking and making - criticalness, precision, social engagement, and enjoyment. to write a thesis is to be qualitative and quantitative. i would much prefer it to be an auto-biography, but i guess cranbrook puts thesis in quotes.


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