it was a very exciting day today! i got my arch into the gallery space - special thanks to mike flynn, john cline, patrick casey, bill massie, and paul puzzello.


Anonymous Cameron Sinclair said...

Nice work. Have you figured out costing? or thought about using something like the FAB LAB?


ps. Tell Matt Miller to get back to work.

Blogger edmund leechie liang said...

fabrication costs =
$1.00 bale
$7.00 abaca
boiling costs
$30 worth of plywood
$12 worth of matt miller's steel
$18 bottle jack

and that's all for 1 press, all the straw i can utilize, and well - i went thru a tremendous amount of labor. a constant 9-9 job every single day including the weekends. it was very rewarding and the fruits of labor was educational and fun.

I shall look into something like FAB LAB. I'm still looking and investing into my own tools. the time at cranbrook really trained me to be efficient and sustainable. tools are important. once again. . . the quote holds true - you are only as good as your jig. so get jiggy with it!


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