i attended my undergrad school, udmercy, for an alumni event and things have changed. students' work is different, program's growing, and the actual architecture building is shaping up. it was good to see. i was impressed to see a project planned by students and the dcdc of a house that will be built in a neighborhood this summer. a special house, built from an abandoned one from chicago. the schematic drawings were impressive.

those were the good old days. . .

for other news - my work's going over to daimler chrysler services' headquarters over in farmington hills. i'm pretty excited about this. i've never had work taken away from me in an instant. oh well, if a thesis can't write itself - other things will. it feels good to part away with something i've been attached to for too long. i guess, i'll set it into the ground whenever the work gets back to me - or, i should say if it does. but that doesn't break a promise, in fact it makes a promise stronger. promises are somewhat time facilitated, i think? correct me, i'm not good with relationships.

for fun, somebody please tell me what's wrong with these pictures as a whole.

to me, they spell - a problem of health, a problem of economy, a problem of complacency, a problem of efficiency, a problem of politics, a problem of living, a problem of consumption, a problem of . . . etc.


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