"Today's mighty oak is yesterday's nut that held its ground"

confucious told me this off taft road while i was driving home today.
note to self before bed: i'd consider my thesis facilitated through trial and error with a voice. somewhat auto-didactic. as far as pronouncing to a greater social realm of "things" (being public), to me architecture plays a small role and should play a small role. a harmonious relationship toward practicing architecture and experiencing architecture is ideal.
i attended my undergrad school, udmercy, for an alumni event and things have changed. students' work is different, program's growing, and the actual architecture building is shaping up. it was good to see. i was impressed to see a project planned by students and the dcdc of a house that will be built in a neighborhood this summer. a special house, built from an abandoned one from chicago. the schematic drawings were impressive.

those were the good old days. . .

for other news - my work's going over to daimler chrysler services' headquarters over in farmington hills. i'm pretty excited about this. i've never had work taken away from me in an instant. oh well, if a thesis can't write itself - other things will. it feels good to part away with something i've been attached to for too long. i guess, i'll set it into the ground whenever the work gets back to me - or, i should say if it does. but that doesn't break a promise, in fact it makes a promise stronger. promises are somewhat time facilitated, i think? correct me, i'm not good with relationships.

for fun, somebody please tell me what's wrong with these pictures as a whole.

to me, they spell - a problem of health, a problem of economy, a problem of complacency, a problem of efficiency, a problem of politics, a problem of living, a problem of consumption, a problem of . . . etc.


so, now that stuff's in - and pretty much my time at cranbrook is coming to an end. . . things are moving fairly quickly for me. maybe a little too quick. it actually feels really good to be done, now i can get back to. . . eh, life - with a stronger perception.

i guess this will be my last post for cranbrook days. but i'll still be around to post things, i have changed this blog to my personal one as of. . . now. beginning. . . now.

cheers! ed.


it was a very exciting day today! i got my arch into the gallery space - special thanks to mike flynn, john cline, patrick casey, bill massie, and paul puzzello.

. . . the longest walk up lone pine road got me into my designated space to span.



things are so much cooler with wheels for some reason


model: courtesy of brian oltrogge, massie arch


time to move on -> i can't sleep, i'm having anxiety for graduatation - so i guess i'll write it off.

this past two years has been everything but trivial. it's been a trial of balancing philosophies to carry thru a train of thought to practice. it's been time wasted and time gained. exposure to new things and things i just hate. hardly establishing a solid ground for my first year, i was forced to engage a topic based on relative experience and emotional fuel based on personal yet relational to context and the city. a politic was developed based on pollution. an importance of accountability has been learned as a young architect. to establish a solid ground, i figure i ought to know where i'm stepping as well. . .

it was difficult for me to blend peripheral agendas outside Architecture, transmitted to me thru the academy as well as discourse within our studio. bringing forth of learnt and developing agendas was a huge challenge to surface with Architecture. manifested in this thought practice, believe it or not, addresses many - "ism's and -ist's."

i came to cranbrook expecting to develop my train of thought. practicing a train of thought, i felt, came from thinking and making - criticalness, precision, social engagement, and enjoyment. to write a thesis is to be qualitative and quantitative. i would much prefer it to be an auto-biography, but i guess cranbrook puts thesis in quotes.


note to self: ellipsoidal lamella barrel vault.


. . . the current state of things - no matter how hard i'll try to use "safe" materials, one has to make compromises to satisfy a larger social dialogue. i had to wrap two bales with celophane that i brought to the science museum's freezer to sterilize them of any microscopic living organisms that could endanger art within the museum gallery. these bales will serve the purpose for sitting on and understanding the tactile quality of what i'm making within my installation. the pressing continues. . .

in one week - i will be contructing an apparatus that will vault the surface to be wheeled to the museum gallery for the opening on the 23rd.