so i've done some site maintainance. . . please visit my archives. i feel i should be doing some acknowledgements since i haven't done so yet because i'm entering into a "production mode." it's a fairly laborous process so i don't want to forget the people that got me where i am in my work. these are the people who have helped me clarify my intentions and roles that bring purpose and meaning toward my approach to architecture.

some acknowledgements:

mom + dad + doZer
Deanne Bednar (strawbale studio)
Ray Tyrell (local farmer)
Jane Lackey (fibers studio)
Gloria J. Lowe (Detroit rehabilitator)
Paul Puzzello (crandroid)

lastly, the really critical (sometimes cynical) architecture colleagues from UDMercy who have challenged, encouraged, discouraged, and frustrated me for good reason.

graig donnelly
matt gerard
tadd heidgerken
manuel garza
andy sturm
andrew lehman

Automation continues. . .


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