hopefully i can inspire a conversation. . . the challenges of making a viable economic healthy material is difficult. concrete is alkalinic and eats away at virgin nat'l material easily. plaster as well. however, kaolin (kaolinite) clay - pure calcium carbonate, could possibly work since it's a natural mineral. this is used often in conjunction with straw bale housing. however, the economic cost of it is high. it is also complicated to work with to get the right ingredients of kaolin to adhere to the fibers too, as experienced this past summer. although, it's really water proof after it cures. . .

buckeye ultrafiber has patented a coating to their virgin fibers to make them alkaline resistant. i'm wondering if it's just oil.

cob. i don't know why i just don't use mud to seal up these units. . . i can't get over its aesthetic at all.

raw. why not? it can be utilized in interior purposes, but some people are allergic to straw. i think i'm going to start going synthetic. . . but, i think it's twice as difficult to break down in the amount of time i have left.

the possibility of a plywood sandwich sounds promising for building a really cheap sturdy wall. it suits a wall acoustically, possibly with a good r value, and can be thin. although, any microbrial attack can be detrimental.

anyhow, i'm open to suggestions. my next step is certainly to quantify this process. i feel i have somewhat completed the qualitative part of this thesis.

. . . and graduation awaits after 23 years of school, i feel i can retire now. . .i'm going to disney world once i get out.


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