. . . so here's my new process, thankfully i have a place to press (outside) where i don't have to clean up after myself. don't worry, it's all just water and straw. . . it's healthy for the soil underneath the grating. below is my new block and process. pico was put to good use. soon pico and paco will be combined to press a larger object. this was just a test, a test to see if i can press fine detailed corners with these fibers to make the blocks "lock" to each other. this test was conducted 1/3 the size of what the actual block will be. it worked well.


Blogger estimmel said...

that came out looking pretty clean. did you have a tough time getting it out of the mold? did the 'press thru' method work or was it a healthy pain in the butt?

Blogger edmund leechie liang said...

i didn't have a tough time with it, but it did take a while to poop it out. about 20 min. per hex (i'll have pics of the connected hex's soon. right now i'm trying to figure out the right combination for it, lesser material, stronger geometry, and essentially leading toward a faster fabrication.

the "press thru" wasn't attempted.

Blogger edmund leechie liang said...

lesser material = faster drying time, more abundant hexs, and most of all - more economical because of it.

we shall see in due time. . .


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