the Code of Hammurabi specified a death penalty for builders, or masons, whose buildings fell on the inhabitants. (wikipedia)

If a poorly built house causes the death of a son of the owner of the house, then the son of the builder is put to death. (Sect. 230)

if this was the case in detroit, i don't think an architect would be alive or practicing today.

i think my research has to go deeper into something else besides the surface fabric of detroit. i'm currently seeking paper guilds and researching "warraqeens."

i want to take an elective in print-making next semester.


my convivial tool, or, my afro pik. . .




i think i've found what's most appropriate for what i'm doing! it could be a delicatessen for horses!


making paper for a lazer cutter that produces a lot of waste is an issue i see. if i produce my own paper, i can limit this waste from a waste product (agricultural residue) for making stuff. re-animating (bill's suggestion) and re-making as a process in conjunction with the cnc-machines is cost effective. it's also healthy.

lazer's like natural material. it cuts easier. it does not emit toxic fumes besides, carbon - as opposed to formaldehyde which is often used in plywood.

alchemy - i like the qualities of this material. it is light, strong, easy to produce, looks nice, and is cheap. with all this leftover cardboard from students using the lazer, i want to recycle it into a pulp in combination with my straw fibers. why not?

leaves - there are a lot of dead leaves blowing around here, what if i chopped them up and used them as a fiborous material to make another material? with straw?


ouch. i think i bruised my shin after trying to stack two blocks on it.
edit: after analyzing my pic - i know where the hex failed. it failed where i drilled the hole for the nut and bolt that i took out. specifically in the middle of the side of the hex. i'm still wondering if it would be capable of holding two cinder blocks. we'll see. . .

Sketch II
99% natural. ingredients:
nuts and bolts - taken out
straw fiber - 290Oz. roughly 36 cups. w/water pressed out. a tiny fraction of a bale.
sodium carbonate
jute - soon to be rendered out
weight: less than 1 lbs


things i'm currently thinking about - juxtaposition and appropriation of a "form" developed from material and context of local environments and surroundings. edit: after today's 'critcial studies' lecture - definitely "alchemy."


sketch I


... back to reality, or shall i say ideology?