finally it's go time! two days after my crit, i finally got my abaca!!

anyhow, i feel the need to clear things up after my crit - in relationship to what i've learned of the context of detroit, specifically of pollution resulting of blight (1950's homes) and the process of building with products unknown to cause harm at the time - i have elected (as an architect) to hold accountability of knowing what is being built. Starting with a material process, i'm capable of knowing what the "ingredients" are in a process, know how much waste is developed through the process, and know what is potentially harmful (fire, water, etc. . .) and address them in any way i can.

my ideology with the suburban sprawl and the economic stress of the city and farm is impossible to solve with architecture. i see my work as a mediation. the potential utilization of leftover farm products as a healthy material for building is a thesis inspired from my personal reasons of my family having cancer and the un-justice of pollution of urban blight plaguing a city in economic distress. i wanted to discuss this in my crit, but it's my fault i didn't make it clear. this is the "why" and the reason/purpose - so beyond the "why," i'm moving into the "how" . . .

consuming material - is not knowing to me. processing and making it 1st hand is knowing and a responsibility i value. it is my interest to see this material and process it to its ultimate potential in regards to design/making.


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